Carnomaly will become the first company ever to offer a worldwide rebate for an automotive purchase. Both new and used vehicles will apply, as long as they are purchased from a verified legal dealer anywhere in the world. Upon completion of our conusmer platform, Carnomaly will begin buying back tokens to replenish the rebates for years to come. The proceeds from the consumer platform is what Carnomaly will use to purchase back tokens that are on the open market.

Q4 - 2019

  • Publish Whitepaper
  • Complete Utility Token filing with SEC
  • Begin Digital Marketing Campaign
  • Begin Private Sale

Q1 - 2020

  • Launch rebate token platform
  • Final Round of Private Sale
  • 1st round of IEO

Q2 - 2020

  • Complete round 2/3 of IEO
  • Begin Development of CarrChain
  • Token Air Drop After IEO is complete
  • Open consumer access to Rebate Portal to allow sign ups
  • Increase Digital Marketing Campaign

Q3 - 2020

  • Carnomaly Rebates Begin
  • Launch Beta versions of Carnomaly Dealer Site
  • CarrChain launches

Q4 - 2020

  • Full version of Dealer Site Launches
  • Begin Signing up Dealers
  • Profits from Dealer Fees are put back into the Token Platform to buy back tokens to refuel the rebates.

Q1 - 2021

  • Carnomaly will continue to grow and implement new ideas and solutions into the online automotive marketplace.