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Carnomaly is an all encompassing suite of software full of features that offer options that cater to all users.


App Features

Carnomaly will empower consumers and dealers with the infrastructure to communicate effectively, eliminating manipulation. Moreover, token holders will have the opportunity to earn CARR Tokens on their vehicle purchases, with reward amounts varying based on their membership tier. Carnomaly will also facilitate a seamless exchange of inventory between dealers.

Scheduling Maintenance

Users will be able to schedule oil changes, tire rotation and a myriad of other repair services for their vehicle.

Insurance Claims

The Carnomaly application will make filing an insurance claim seamless and straight forward.


Carnomaly's CarrGarage will allow vehicle owners to create their own personal CarrLot.


Buying a new vehicle through Carnomaly will be simple and rewarding.


Carnomaly will enable a competitive bidding system to increase the odds of selling vehicles at their maximum value.

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Carnomaly users will have access to CarrDefi, a decentralized finance solution in the auto lending space.

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CARR Token

The CARR utility token acts as the native token and overall binding agent within the ecosystem. CARR tokens encourage frequent ecosystem utilization by both consumer and enterprise users for updates, interactions and rewards.

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Carnomaly users will have access to CarrDefi, a decentralized finance solution in the auto lending space. Users who complete the form and qualify for a vehicle loan will obtain funding from the loan pool within the CarrDefi platform. These loan pools will be filled with liquidity from users.

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Download the Carnomaly App Version 2

Carnomaly is a blockchain-based platform that aims to reimagine the automotive experience by creating a new type of online automotive platform – one that benefits both consumers and dealers. Download the Carnomaly app version 2 and Scan your Vin, Scan Odometer for miles, take pictures, update options and even request a quote for your vehicle or generate a unique NFT based off your VIN!

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