Go bank-free with DeFi auto loans.

Fund your new set of wheels or earn guaranteed interest by loaning your crypto to others. CarrDefi is accessible, unbiased auto lending that keeps your money out of big banks’ pockets.

How it works

  1. Lenders combine their crypto assets in loan pools created by our financial experts.
  2. Borrowers put up digital collateral (Bticoin, Ethereum, CARR, etc.) to guarantee their loan.
  3. Using smart contracts, we distribute loans to borrowers.
  4. Each loan is secure in the blockchain thanks to a public history that can be checked and verified by every user.


Smart Contracts: In other words, automated programs that speed up transactions on the blockchain.

The No-Bank Benefits

Ready to see it in action? Take the CarrDefi demo for a spin at


CarrDefi offers both credit-based and anonymous lending solutions to provide greater financing flexibility. Members can use their loans to buy and sell vehicles on the Carnomaly marketplace. And with regular loan payments, users will be able to move into higher membership tiers, earning more and more benefits. Most importantly, CarrDefi integrates with our other solutions to offer a seamless car ownership experience.