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CarrDefi is a decentralized finance solution in the auto lending space.

Unlike traditional financing, CarrDefi will offer a simple and streamlined process for obtaining a vehicle loan.

  • Complete an online application form available on CarrDefis' website.
  • Form details will enable CarrDefis' digital financing experts to match you with a relevant lender that will compliment your needs the best way possible.
  • Users who complete the form and qualify for the vehicle loan will obtain funding from the CarrDefi platform’s loan pool.
  • Loan pools are filled with liquidity from users. This means that you are obtaining loans from other users and not from large institutions - eliminating the legacy mediator.
  • No “middlemen'' like banks and brokers involved in the process, you will obtain vehicle loans at a comparatively cheaper rate and in the most transparent manner possible.

The No-Bank Benefits

  • Borrow crypto-secured loans for your next ride or put your crypto to good use by lending it to others, earning you interest in the process.
  • Access funds anonymously — no biased lending, no change to your credit score.
  • Receive fantastic interest rates with no approval process and no application fees.
  • Rest easy knowing your crypto is secure in the blockchain.

How it works

  • Lenders combine their crypto assets in loan pools created by our financial experts.
  • Borrowers put up digital collateral (Bticoin, Ethereum, CARR, etc.) to guarantee their loan.
  • Using smart contracts, we distribute loans to borrowers.
  • Each loan is secure in the blockchain thanks to a public history that can be checked and verified by every user.

CarrDefi is accessible, unbiased auto lending that keeps your money out of big bank's pockets.

Stay tuned !!