DeFi = decentralized finance, the future of auto loans

CarrDefi is Carnomaly’s crypto-powered solution to outdated, inflexible auto lending. It combines the age-old automotive lending industry with the modern world of cryptocurrency exchanges.

How it works

DeFi relies on a decentralized blockchain system where users can buy and sell loans and assets without relying on a bank. CarrDefi allows Carnomaly members to securely connect with borrowers and lenders through loan pools created by our team of financial experts.

Each loan pool is secured in a blockchain with a public history that can be checked and verified by users. CarrDefi puts you in control of your financial assets, allowing easy, peer-to-peer transactions. With CarrDefi, users can:


CarrDefi offers both credit-based and anonymous lending solutions to provide greater financing flexibility. Members can use their loans to buy and sell vehicles on the Carnomaly marketplace. And with regular loan payments, users will be able to move into higher membership tiers, earning more and more benefits. Most importantly, CarrDefi integrates with our other solutions to offer a seamless car ownership experience.