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CarrDealer opens the doors to an entire ecosystem of potential inventory and sales.

UI Overview

Get a comprehensive view of the user interface that will empower the dealers.

The Dealer Portal

Carnomaly acknowledges that dealers can struggle with providing a quality inventory to buyers. Finding reliable vehicles worth selling can be a tedious task, requiring a lot of time and overhead effort to negotiate the best options. Our platform will be a solution to this problem, promising to aid dealers through the process by granting them access to the dealer portal. By doing this, we aim to differentiate traditional dealerships by providing access to our Dealer Portal, which will open the doors to an entire ecosystem of potential inventory and sales in the future.

Carnomaly Dealer Portal

Leveraging blockchain technology to increase confidence and decrease costs

  • Dealer-To-Dealer Auction
  • Dealer-To-Consumer Anonymous Chat Feature
  • Dealer Reputation Scores
  • Virtual Service Center
  • Virtual Business Center (F&I)
  • Interactive Vehicle Condition Reports using CarrChain

With Carnomaly, dealers will be able to enjoy more features at a lower cost compared to other options in the market in the future. We aim to support dealers in their efforts to connect with consumers and to transact with other dealers.

Coming Soon...