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Get rewarded for cash you put toward your car.

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You manage everything in life online, so why not your car, too? Create a profile for your vehicle on the CarrChain app; it keeps all your vehicle information organized — while earning you valuable rewards at the same time.

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CarrChain — The Car App You’ve Always Needed

Take Care of Your Car & Get Rewarded

CarrChain is completely free to use, but to earn rewards for cash you put toward your car, upgrade to our paid memberships.

We pay you (anywhere from 1% to 5% back) when you spend money on things like oil changes, repairs, or even new car purchases. Your rewards are paid in CARR Token and are automatically sent to your digital wallet after you log your latest expense in the app. Then, you can save the tokens in your digital wallet, or sell them on an exchange for the current market value.

The day-to-day of car ownership is easier and more rewarding with CarrChain.