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Nearly every area of our lives is managed digitally. CarrChain brings the convenience of a digital profile to your vehicle with the security and reliability of blockchain technology.

CarrChain’s web-based application gives vehicle owners the power to manage and update their vehicle’s online profile.

You can:

  • Aggregate maintenance details, registration status, claim information, and more from dealers, insurance companies, collision centers and DMVs
  • Easily log maintenance activity such as oil changes, or tire replacement manually or by uploading an image of your receipt
  • View recall information regarding your vehicle
    Get real-time updates on the current market value of your vehicle
  • Find personalized recommendations for engine oil, local repair shops, and more

The more you update your vehicle’s profile, the more points you earn toward its reputation score. This gives you a competitive edge when it comes time to sell.

Your CarrChain profile is safe and secure.

Registering for CarrChain is easy; when you input your unique VIN or “Vehicle Identification Number,” CarrChain will create a DVIN “Digital Vehicle Identification Number” for your vehicle.

Each detail within your digital vehicle profile is safely stored within the blockchain, identified by your DVIN. It cannot be altered or changed.

CarrChain history reports will be the most accurate and detailed history reports on the market, promising a fairer price for your vehicle.

The benefits of using CarrChain

Comprehensive vehicle reports benefit you when it comes to buying and selling or daily ownership of your vehicle.