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Practical blockchain solutions for buying, selling and owning vehicles.

Our fleet of tech solutions solves the inefficiencies currently plaguing the automotive industry. We are innovating the future of vehicle ownership.

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The Carnomaly Ecosystem

Innovate the vehicle ownership experience with superior technology for vehicle owners, buyers and sellers.
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An all encompassing suite of software.

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Potential inventory and sales.

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Digital vehicle management that rewards you.

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Carnomaly has partnered with NMVTIS to provide reliable and secure vehicle title data.

Carnomaly is an approved NMVTIS Data Provider

The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) is designed to protect consumers from fraud and unsafe vehicles and to keep stolen vehicles from being resold. NMVTIS is also a tool that assists states and law enforcement in deterring and preventing title fraud and other crimes.

The Carnomaly App Version 1 is Live!

Scan your VIN, OCR your odometer, upload vehicle pics, add details, and seamlessly onboard your ride onto the blockchain.


Build Your Value Score

Take control of your vehicle's value with vehicle logs.

Earn CARR Token Rewards

Get rewarded for maintaining your vehicle.

Easy & Secure Updates with CARRVINN

Scan your VINN with each log to maintain your vehicle records.

Pull Accurate Vehicle Details

Automatically pull your vehicle details with CARRVINN.

The Vehicle App You've Always Needed

Track your vehicle's maintenance on the blockchain.

Sign Up & Build Rewards

Easy & secure sign up to get you started in the app.

We make blockchain technology and cryptocurrency approachable and valuable for every vehicle owner. Whether you need help finding an auto loan or selling your vehicle, Carnomaly offers all the perks of blockchain accessibility, security, and transparency in tools anyone can use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Carnomaly distinguishes itself from other blockchain projects and auto trading platforms by bridging the gap between the Web3 and legacy automotive industries. The platform, powered by blockchain technology, provides a digital solution for both consumers and dealers.

Yes your personal information is safe!

Your customer information will not be available outside of the Carnomaly database. Only your vehicle information will be updated and changed in the Carnomaly Database and CarrChain data ledgers that store only vehicle information.

Take Care of Your Vehicle & Get Rewarded!

CarrChain is completely free to use. To earn rewards for updating your odometer, vehicle photos, updating service items you get done at local oil change business, Walmart, or Tire Rotation and replacement, just document it and upload the receipt. Earn tokens that can be applied towards maintenance or that shirt you wanted in the service department.

The utility enabled by the CARR token accomplishes the best possible relation between vehicle owners, dealers and other automotive industry businesses, by providing access to an open and easily accessible automotive ecosystem.

Carnomaly and CARR tokens work symbiotically to encourage frequent ecosystem utilization by both consumer users and enterprise users for updates, interactions and rewards. The CARR token is also the cryptographic utility protocol that all users will initiate perks and reward smart contracts, pay for vehicle maintenance, be rewarded for vehicle maintenance, and mint NFTs designed for a variety of both utility, and function.

The Carnomaly App is currently only available for users in the US and Canada.

Carnomaly plans to expand into international markets in the future. Please check our roadmap for more details about our plans.

Users can onboard their vehicle onto the blockchain using Carnomaly App Version 1. They can achieve this by scanning the VIN and odometer, with the app utilizing OCR technology to input odometer numbers accurately. Furthermore, users have the option to upload pictures of their vehicle and include detailed vehicle information.

Carnomaly App Version 2 is coming soon. Please check our roadmap for more details about our plans.