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Coming soon: CarrChain, the Comprehensive Automotive Records Repository, powered by blockchain technology.


CarrToken coming soon!

Private Token Offering Stage 3 The Final Round.
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Become a member of Carnomaly — the most advanced online digital platform in the automotive market, bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and the automotive industry.

What is

Carnomaly is developing, the Comprehensive Automotive Records Repository, powered by blockchain technology. will give vehicle owners the power to manage and update their vehicles history report. Along with data from dealers, Insurance companies, collision centers, and DMVs, will give owners the ability to upload photos of receipts from independent service facilities as well as work they have completed on their own. This information will  be stored under each vehicle’s VIN and secured behind the blockchain. will also speed up the vehicle ownership transfer; with the vehicle owner will have the ability to transfer ownership of the vehicle in real time. This will eliminate the risk of unwanted toll bills, red light cameras, and even lawsuits. Our goal is that one day will be the new worldwide standard in vehicle ownership transfers. Vehicles already have worldwide vehicle identification numbers (VINs) so why not take these and integrate them into the blockchain? 

Carnomaly will bridge the gap between the automotive industry and the digital world by creating solutions like


This is a good question. Coming up with a name for a project is very difficult because it needs to define you in one word. So the first part of the name is just what is says: “car”. We are an automotive crypto project so that part was easy. However, coming up with the rest of the name was a little more challenging. We knew we wanted to be different and unique in our own way, like an anomaly. And so the name Carnomaly was born.

So now, how do we make sure we live up to the name that we have chosen? We do this by bridging the automotive industry with the crypto world by offering the first ever crypto automotive rebate platform. Carnomaly will give people the ability to earn a crypto rebate back for buying an automobile, new or used, anywhere in the world. In addition, Carnomaly will build the most innovative online automotive marketplace with the largest network of dealers worldwide. Imagine being able to have a vehicle brought to your work so you can see it (while having your current car appraised at the same time). Imagine being able to pay your down payment with bitcoin. Imagine getting an additional rebate on top of the already great deal you received.

These are just a few things Carnomaly will bring to the online marketplace.


Join Carnomaly — a blockchain and cryptocurrency innovator for the automotive world— by purchasing CARR tokens today. 

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The most innovative online automotive marketplace

Carnomaly will become the first company ever to offer a worldwide rebate for an automotive purchase. Both new and used vehicles will apply, as long as they are purchased from a verified legal dealer anywhere in the world.  Upon completion of our consumer platform, Carnomaly will begin buying back tokens to replenish the rebates for years to come. The proceeds from the consumer platform is what Carnomaly will use to purchase back tokens that are on the open market.