Whether you’re buying new or used, Carnomaly will make car shopping fun again.

Researching and shopping cars and trucks should be a fun experience. Nothing beats looking forward to that new car smell, right? But finding that perfect ride might feel a bit overwhelming. To help you put the joy back into the ride, Carnomaly is road-testing features that will help make car shopping an enjoyable experience for all. We’ve also compiled a list of steps you should take whenever shopping for a car.

What steps should I take when buying a new or used car?

Do your research.

Researching which car works for you, your lifestyle, and your budget should be first on your list when car shopping. If you’re wondering how that slick two-seater really hugs the curves on acceleration, or if there’s enough cargo space in the rear of that rugged SUV for your family, look for apps that offer you reliable info on the vehicle that’s right for you. Test driving a few vehicles can really help you figure out if your dream car actually fits you perfectly, taking into consideration actual cabin and cargo space. What looks good online may be a different story in person.

Shop for the best deals.

When you’ve settled on the type of vehicle you want, utilize a secure marketplace that helps you search for the right vehicle based on your budget, mileage, a specific brand, and body-style preference. What many car shoppers don’t realize is that most online marketplaces share your search information and private data with others. Is that great deal worth the private information you’ve just given up? Also knowing whether you’re getting a fair market price on a vehicle can be determined by accurate vehicle reporting through a vehicle history database. Ensure you can view the vehicle’s history records before you purchase the car or truck so you can make an informed decision before you buy.

Secure your financing.

If you’ve been diligent in your car shopping research, and in figuring out how much car you can actually afford, don’t neglect the uber-important step of financing your vehicle. If you cannot pay cash for your vehicle, finding the right lender is just as important as knowing which vehicle is right for you. Before you are bewitched by that new leather smell or the fancy paint job, figuring out the boring but all too necessary financing details is a must. Auto loans can be complex, especially if it’s your first time financing a car. Understanding things like interest rates, down payments, and the length of your loan is essential. The more you know upfront, the better prepared you will be once you find your dream car.

Carnomaly’s Road Map to Better Car Buying

If you want a better car buying experience all backed by the power of secure blockchain, look no further than the research and shopping solutions that are soon to be available through Carnomaly. Coming down the road, car owners will be able to buy, sell, and even take out crypto-based loans through a whole slew of innovative Carnomaly solutions.

The Carnomaly road map is set to innovate the entire online vehicle marketplace experience by bridging the gap between car buying and cryptocurrency.


When it’s available, the Carnomaly app will be chock full of features that offer specific guidance for first-time buyers, individuals unsure of their budget needs, and others looking for an accurate value of their vehicle. Don’t have a ton of time to physically test drive a bunch of vehicles going from dealer to dealer? No worries—Carnomaly will also offer convenient, concierge-level services, including specific test drive deliveries for car shoppers. It’s a whole other level of car buying experience that’s catered to your busy lifestyle.


Thanks to an intuitive, user-friendly app, buying a new car through Carnomaly will be simple—and rewarding. Carnomaly will become the first company ever to offer a worldwide crypto-based reward for an automotive purchase. Both new and used vehicles will apply as long as they are purchased from a Carnonaly-verified legal dealer anywhere in the world.

Not only will shoppers be able to filter what type of vehicle they are looking for, but they can choose an “anonymous browsing” option. Unlike other sites, you can shop for vehicles worry-free without giving away your personal data to dealers. Utilizing smart filters, shoppers will be able to search for new vehicles by body style and find a variety of worldwide dealer merchants to select from. Pre-owned vehicles can also be bought through Carnomaly by filling out a form on Carnomaly’s website that specifies the make, model, year, and mileage of the desired vehicle. These details will enable the Carnomaly team to find the perfect pre-owned car for you.

Another perk of buying new or pre-owned through Carnomaly? After you purchase your vehicle, you’ll receive your car at your doorstep.


Traditional financing involves a lot of paperwork and a longer approval process than what is needed. With a decentralized finance (DeFi) lending solution from Carnomaly, the entire lending process is simplified and doesn’t rely on a bank. In fact, the only major player in the DeFi auto lending space is CarrDefi.

The process to obtain a car loan from CarrDefi is pretty simple. Fill out an online application form available on CarrDefi’s website. These details will enable CarrDefi’s digital financing experts to match you with a relevant lender.

Any user who obtains a car loan from the CarrDefi platform actually receives funding from a loan pool, which receives liquidity from its users. It means that you are obtaining loans from other users and not from large institutions. As there are no middlemen like banks and brokers involved in the process, you will obtain car loans at a comparatively cheaper rate and in the most transparent manner possible.


If you’re in the market to sell, Carnomaly will guide you through the listing process to increase the odds of selling the vehicle at max value. It will also enable dealers to silently bid on vehicles so they can gain access to additional inventory. This perk allows sellers multiple opportunities to sell their vehicles under one platform while alleviating high auction costs for dealers.

What we love (and you will, too)


The one thing most consumers aren’t aware of is the fact that other online marketplaces come with a hidden cost. These third-party trading sites make their money solely by charging dealers monthly fees to list inventory. It’s becoming increasingly more expensive for dealers to list their inventory—we’re talking thousands per month. And where do you think that cost gets passed onto?

Carnomaly’s goal is to provide an easy-to-navigate platform that helps consumers search for a vehicle and helps dealers control costs, allowing the dealer to pass the savings onto the consumer. In today’s world, consumers want options, so why not provide options for how they can shop for their next vehicle while keeping the cost down for dealers? Carnomaly’s suite of solutions aims to do just that. That’s something we think you’re going to love, too.

Accurate Comprehensive Vehicle Reports

Most vehicle reports, like the ever-popular CARFAX, while helpful, still don’t capture the complete history of a vehicle. Carnomaly is bringing a whole new level to the automotive records repository with CarrChain, where vehicle owners and dealers are incentivized with crypto rewards each time they perform maintenance or upgrades and log these activities within the CarrChain app. Essentially, CarrChain history reports will be the most accurate and detailed vehicle history reports on the market, promising a fairer price for vehicles and a more transparent way to view vehicle history.

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