Participate in the Carnomaly IEO that will change the automotive industry forever

Participate in the Carnomaly IEO that will change the automotive

Do you want to be one of the first people to experience the benefits of blockchain in the car market, join Carnomaly’s IEO. This upcoming event will let you join a movement that’s changing the way we purchase and maintain our vehicles.

A company specializing in blockchain technology has announced an initial exchange offering (IEO) for CARR, a cryptocurrency aimed specifically at the automotive industry.

First IEO

Carnomaly will hold the IEO from January 26 to February 2, 2021, on the ProBit, LA Token, and Exmarket exchange, with each CARR retailing at $0.45. Purchasing the coin using PROB will yield 20% more CARR tokens while using other coins like BTC and ETH will give buyers a 10% bonus. More exchanges will be announced soon on,

This is the first of a total of three planned IEOs that will offer a total of 250 million CARR tokens.

Additional details about the sale can be found at

ERC-20 wallet

ERC-20-based CARR aims to be the world’s first automotive rebate token, which means that it can be earned through purchases on Carnomaly’s platforms. According to the company, both new and used vehicle purchases will be eligible for the rebate as long as they are bought from verified dealers.

Carnomaly also said that it will start buying back tokens from the market as soon as it completes the consumer platforms it is currently developing. Revenue from these platforms will finance the buyback, and the repurchased coins will be used to replenish the rebate system.

The company is developing an ecosystem consisting of several platforms that seek to innovate on various facets of vehicle ownership, from financing to maintenance.

The Carnomaly platform is being positioned as the first digital automotive marketplace. Upon logging on, customers will be able to search, find deals, pay with a cryptocurrency, and get the vehicle shipped anywhere in the world.


The company is also creating CarrDefi, a decentralized lending platform based on blockchain technology. This platform will allow users to access loans without the need of a bank.

Lastly, Carnomaly is bringing the security of blockchain technology to car maintenance through CarrChain. The platform will provide users with a digital record of all their maintenance details, registration, and claim information from dealers and other sources.

Because these records are stored within the blockchain, they cannot be altered. According to the company, this will provide users with the most accurate history reports and can help give them fairer offers for their vehicles.

Be an early adopter. Register now and take advantage of this first-ever offer that’s bound to revolutionize the auto industry!

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