eRacr Announces a Brand New Sim Racing Event – Carnomaly 500

eRacr Announces a Brand New Sim Racing Event – Carnomaly 500

Back in July of 2020, the Firecracker 400 event made headlines and captivated the sim racing world for three weeks as over 300,000 people tuned-in to watch, this year we have a new sim racing event: Carnomaly 500. Starting tomorrow evening, your opportunity to participate in the next eRacr event begins.

new sim racing event: Carnomaly 500


Introducing the Carnomaly 500, a three-week-long, iRacing tournament featuring the NASCAR Car of Tomorrow unrestricted around the banks of Daytona that begins February 17. Race for your piece of the $15,000 prize purse and the opportunity to make a name for yourself on the most interactive sim racing broadcast in history. For just a $25 entry fee, you have the chance to take part in the next Crown Jewel event.

  • $15,000 Purse
  • $3,000 to win
  • $100 minimum prize to start the main event


Fine fine, no need to yell. Tomorrow (1/23/21), at 6 PM ET, entries will be opened up at The entry fee is $25, however, we expect to sell out of entries fairly quickly, so we highly recommend entering as soon as you can. If you need a doctor’s note to get you off of work early to sign up, email us and we’ll produce something semi-believable (please don’t actually email us).

HOW TO WATCH (so your mom, GF, and BF, or best discord friend can watch and win prizes)

Are internet friends real?!?…. Well, we will leave you to debate that… The world will be able to watch on the Twitch channel and on (Also Youtube and Facebook).

Why this Sim Racing Event?

The eRacr Predictor twitch extension! The eRacr Predictor will allow anyone viewing to interact with the broadcast in real-time by predicting finishers in each race. If certain drivers will pit and what service they will take in the pits. Even during single-car qualifying by guessing times.

Viewers will get points for participating throughout the whole event and bonus points for correct predictions. The top points scorers will win prizes at the conclusion of each night and at the end of the event. Also, each point counts towards a giveaway, so if you’re having a bad race, it isn’t all for naught, cause each point is more chances to win! So make sure they participate each night and participate often – There are prizes at stake!

About Carnomaly

Carnomaly is bridging the gap between the automotive and cryptocurrency worlds by creating a new type of automotive platform – one that benefits both consumers and dealers. Carnomaly sees a need to correct issues plaguing the online automotive industry.

These include:

  • Undervalued Trades
  • High-Interest Rates
  • Overpaying for vehicles
  • A confusing buying process
  • Inaccurate vehicle history reporting

The Carnomaly ecosystem will bring innovative solutions to the automotive and digital world. Carnomaly, CarrChain, and CarrDefi will work together with blockchain technology to bring this ecosystem to life. Together, these services will change the way we buy, sell, shop for, and finance vehicles.

Read more in our Whitepaper

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