To use Carrstaking, you need to have a chrome desktop browser with the metamask extension.


To use Carrstaking, you need to have a chrome desktop browser with the metamask extension.

Exciting Features of Note:

  • 20% APY for a limited time on staked tokens
  • Automated smart contract compounding
  • No lockup on your tokens
  • Withdraw any amount at any time
  • Stake as much and when you want
  • Staked tokens earn rewards by the minute

CarrStaking Steps:

Disclaimer: You must use the Chrome desktop browser with the MetaMask extension to stake your tokens at this time. If you stake directly from an exchange, you will lose your tokens forever.

    1. Add Polygon Mainnet to MetaMask
    2. Navigate to in your web browser.
    3. Click Connect Wallet and confirm connection in MetaMask pop-up.
    4. This will take you to the staking portal. Here you will see your wallet’s total token balance (It is also located in the top right corner on tablet, laptop or desktop). You can then type in the amount you want to stake and click the stake button.
    5. Your staked amount is pending your approval in MetaMask. There are two confirmations to approve—the first confirmation is to approve the transfer and the second confirmation is to approve the actual stake. You need to navigate back to your MetaMask account, review the pending transaction and POLY Gas Fee, and click “Confirm” for the first confirmation. The MetaMask window will close automatically. Open it back up and it will update to the second confirmation. When you approve the second, the MetaMask screen will update to show the pending transaction activity.
    6. Once confirmed, you can navigate to the Staking Portal and refresh it to show your current staking balance. Your CARR Token earnings will automatically start building when the transaction is confirmed. You can refresh the Portal to see your earned balance grow!
    7. If you want to deposit more, click the “deposit more” button. If you would like to withdraw your stake, you can click the “withdraw all” button. This will withdraw all your funds from staking back into your MetaMask wallet. If at anytime you want to start staking again, you click the start staking button and deposit more funds.Y

Watch this video to learn how to stake your CARR Tokens on Polygon

How to export Trust Wallet private key to MetaMask


My transaction was not approved in MetaMask. What do I do?

Sometimes this happens. If it does, click on the unapproved transaction and click “confirm.” It should go through the second time.


My screen refreshed and all I see is the “Connect to Wallet” button. How do I see my transaction?

Click on the “Connect to Wallet” button and it should automatically update the website with your transaction details.


How do I see how much I have earned?

When on the transaction screen, simply refresh and you will see the tokens you have earned updated.

*Nothing in this or any other promotional material is or should be construed as investment advice. Returns, including applicable APY and duration of staking promotion, are subject to applicable terms and conditions. All investments, including staking, are speculative and such investments involve substantial risks including, but not limited to, risks associated generally with any startup. Participants are expected to obtain their own legal, tax and financial advice prior to making any investment decision. Statements as to matters that are not of historic fact are forward-looking statements, involving known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause the actual transactions, results, or performance of the project or of staking investments to be materially different from any future transactions, results, or performance expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements.