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[Plano, TX, September 30, 2021] The highly anticipated CarrStaking app launched today from Carnomaly. Holders of CARR Tokens are able to earn an unprecedented 20% APY* on staked CARR Tokens.

Created by experienced automotive professionals, Carnomaly bridges the gap between blockchain technology and the automotive industry. The CarrStaking app was developed to give CARR Token holders the ability to earn 20% APY if they stake within the app. This is just one of many solutions developed by Carnomaly to give the Carnomaly community the leading edge with its CARR Token.

CARR, an Ethereum ERC-20 utility token, is available on KuCoin, ExMarkets, ProBit and a growing list of other popular online crypto exchanges. Ownership of CARR Tokens grants access to the Carnomaly membership portal and the ability to qualify for CARR Token rewards which can be saved within a digital wallet or sold for current market value.

“Carnomaly is happy to announce that CarrStaking is officially going live! The team has been working hard to deliver our solutions and a big part of that is the utility functions of the CARR Token,” announced Josh Taylor, Carnomaly COO.

Mr. Taylor also noted that the CarrStaking experience is cleanly managed through a smart contract, ensuring swift and secure transactions, a nod to the reason why so many prefer blockchain technology. Other featured benefits to the Carnomaly community include:

• No lockup on tokens
• Ability to withdraw any amount at any time
• Unlimited staking in user’s timeframe
• Staked tokens earn rewards by the minute

For more information about CarrStaking, visit

*Nothing in this or any other promotional material is or should be construed as investment advice. Returns, including applicable APY and duration of staking promotion, are subject to applicable terms and conditions. All investments, including staking, are speculative and such investments involve substantial risks including, but not limited to, risks associated generally with any startup. Participants are expected to obtain their own legal, tax and financial advice prior to making any investment decision. Statements as to matters that are not of historic fact are forward-looking statements, involving known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause the actual transactions, results, or performance of the project or of staking investments to be materially different from any future transactions, results, or performance expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements.

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