CarrChain: A Digital Profile for Your Vehicle

CarrChain is a Digital Profile for Your Vehicle | Carnomaly

Everything is digital now — including your car.

Your digital wallet holds credit cards, coupons, and concert tickets. Your banking app lets you deposit checks and check your balance. You have your entire rolodex, messages, and eMails in your pocket. You even have your Starbucks card on your phone! So, why don’t you have a digital profile for your car on your phone, too?

With CarrChain, all your car records are stored right on your phone. It’s part of the way Carnomaly is changing the auto industry for good.

Your Vehicle: Now Available on Your Phone

Upon opening our CarrChain app, you’ll be able to see all vehicles registered to your account in My Garage. The vehicle’s make, model, and vehicle identification number (VIN) will be listed on your car’s profile. You can even upload pictures of your vehicle.

Your vehicle’s profile also shows its Value Score Meter. The Value Score Meter shows a 100-1000 score indicating your vehicle’s value, relative to other comparable vehicles.

CarrChain: A Digital Profile for Your Vehicle | Carnomaly

It’s an easy way to track the worth of your vehicle, compared to the others on the road.

Scroll to see the vehicle’s Service & Ownership Record, Accidents Report, and Time Depreciation. These records are handily stored in one place so you can quickly review the state of your vehicle.

There are plenty of benefits to having a digital profile of your vehicle. Here are just a few:

Keep Track of Service on Your Vehicle

When you’re trying to sell a vehicle, it can be a real hassle digging through your closet or glove compartment to find loose sheets of paper detailing your latest maintenance records. Simple questions about the history of the car become weekend digs through old files searching for the answer.

Not anymore. (Go ahead and clear out that glove compartment.)

You can add new maintenance reports in the app to make sure your vehicle’s record is always up to date. It makes the complete history of your vehicle available right at your fingertips.

Any time you have maintenance done, you can log a report right from the waiting room. Just hit “Report New Log,” and scroll through our list of common maintenance repairs, or search for your specific service in our search feature.

Report Maintenance Quickly in CarrChain | Carnomaly

You can even use the report function to find a mechanic near you to service your vehicle. Using your location, we compile a list of local shops in your area. Then, just upload your receipt, and the proof of your auto service will be stored forever. It’s everything you need for auto care in one place.

Or, if you’re a handy person, you can log service that you’ve done yourself. Just hit “Service it Yourself.” Now, you’ll have a record of all the work that you wouldn’t normally have a receipt for. Because if you’re gonna put sweat and hard labor into your car, you deserve some credit for it!

CarrChain: A Digital Profile for Your Vehicle

Increase Your Vehicle’s Value

Because you’ll have all the records for your vehicle in one place, you’ll be able to prove how well your vehicle has been cared for under your ownership.

When buying a car, people want to know its history: accidents, maintenance, care, etc. Owners that can’t account for each year of the car’s life leave gaps in the mind of a potential buyer. They may second-guess paying top dollar for your vehicle.

But, with CarrChain, you can show each service in the vehicle’s life right on your phone.

Update Ownership Information Immediately

Like a key chain, CarrChain fits right in your pocket.

If you decide to sell your vehicle, you can transition ownership in real time. No more long waits at the DMV taking up your whole morning. With the tap of a finger, your car will be gone from your virtual garage.

By updating owner information quickly, CarrChain removes the hassle of red-light tickets and toll bills being sent to the wrong address during the transition period.

The Way Car Records Should Be

With CarrChain, everything you need to manage and sell your vehicle is stored on one, user-friendly, all-encompassing app. It’s the way it should be.

The auto industry may have taken a while to adapt, but Carnomaly — and our complete ecosystem of digital vehicle solutions — is making up for lost time. See how CarrChain can make your life easier, today, and view our walk-through demo here.

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