Online car shopping that rewards you

Carnomaly will offer the most advanced online automotive marketplace for both dealers and consumers, creating the first-ever worldwide automotive reward system.

Consumers and private sellers will benefit from:

Dealers will benefit from:

How Carnomaly rewards work

Carnomaly rewards you for purchasing a new or used vehicle through an authorized automotive dealership.

Purchasing CARR tokens grants you Carnomaly membership.

Your Carnomaly membership tier (based on the number of tokens you hold) determines your level of reward. (The higher your tier, the greater the reward!)

  • You can receive up to a 30 percent reward which will be distributed in CARR tokens. Tokens must be sold on the marketplace for USD redemption.
White Sedan | Carnomaly

Along with token rewards, the tiers offer additional benefits, such as:

Learn more about CARR tokens, Carnomaly’s ERC-20 token project.