Bridging the Gap Between Blockchain and the Automotive Industry

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The automotive industry presents boundless opportunities both within the new and used vehicle markets.

Economic research suggests the global automotive industry will grow to just under nine trillion dollars by 2030.

In 2019, 17 million new and used consumer vehicles were sold in the United States.

87 percent of Americans dislike the traditional car-buying experience from a dealership.

Yet with outdated trading models and widespread consumer dissatisfaction, it is primed for disruption. 

What is Carnomaly?

Carnomaly is a technology company building the framework for a new approach to automotive trading. Through CarrChain, the Comprehensive Automotive Records Repository powered by blockchain technology, we are creating a universal way to store, manage, and share car history in the most transparent, secure way possible. CarrChain’s database will serve as the foundation for the Carnomaly platform, which will be the first-ever worldwide automotive rebate marketplace and the most advanced online trading platform for new or used vehicles.

Discover how Carnomaly is bringing the automobile industry into the future, today.

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The Road Ahead

Through the latest technology, our leadership team’s industry experience, and innovative solutions that benefit each critical demographic in the market, Carnomaly will disrupt the automotive industry’s outdated inefficiencies.

Our vision includes:

A Worldwide Rebate Marketplace

  • Using our exclusive utility token, CARR Token, users qualify for rebates when purchasing new or used vehicles from verified dealers. The amount of CARR Tokens a user holds determines their rebate offer.

Transparent, Comprehensive Digital Data

  • Information from dealerships, individual owners, mechanics, and government agencies will be securely linked to each car’s VIN on the blockchain database. Because of the blockchain’s inalterable data protection, no manipulation, changes, or deletions can occur, which protects buyers and leads to fairer pricing.

Advantages for Both Dealers and Individuals


  • New criteria to search for a vehicle online
  • “Secret shopping” privacy settings to combat unwanted solicitation
  • Current market values of used cars available on a sliding scale
  • Resources and a step-by-step guide to ensure you list your vehicle at the right price


  • Lower use fees than industry standards
  • Increased features, such as the dealer-to-dealer auction network
  • Simplified auction process with shipping options within the platform
  • Silent bidding capabilities on private sales

Increased Efficiency When Purchasing a Vehicle

  • Digital title transfers in real-time eliminates unwanted liability for both buyer and seller and modernizes the car-buying process.

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