Private CARR Token Offering:

1 Token = $0.10 US Dollar

The Carnomaly pre-sale offering will run until the start of the first IEO or until the 25,000,000 private token are sold. The private sell will allow early Carnomaly members to take advantage of the pre-sale discounted price of $0.15
Be one of the first to get involved and take advantage of the first ever worldwide automotive reward platform. You could be one of the first to let cryptocurrency and the blockchain save you money on your next vehicle purchase.


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Carnomaly will have 3 separate IEO’s on some of the token cryptocurrency exchanges. The first IEO sale will be launching in the fourth quarter of 2020. There will be 150,000,000 “CARR” tokens offered in the IEO sales. Carnomaly is dedicated to listing on some of the top exchanges with the highest liquidity to insure stability and insure token holders a long stable price. Carnomaly will also lock company funds for 90 days once the final IEO sale has concluded.


  1. Each token holder must register on to be eligible for reward and member benefits.
  2. Carnomaly employees are not eligible for member benefits.
  3. Must be 18 years or older to be a Carnomaly member.
  4. Only one member per household.
  5. All vehicle rewards will be paid in Carnomaly Tokens on after purchase documents have been submitted and verified.
  6. Each household will be limited on the number of vehicle rewards allowed each year based on the membership tier.
  7. The reward amount will be calculated based on the number of tokens held by the member, the multiplier their tier qualifies for, and the percentage their tier qualifies for.
  8. The maximum reward is based on the maximum purchase price of the member’s tier.