Automotive Innovator, Carnomaly, Celebrates CARR Token’s IEO


25 January 2021


[Plano, TX, January 25, 2021] Get rewarded simply for buying your next new or used vehicle: that’s the premise of a new global rewards program by Carnomaly. The automotive tech startup in Plano, Texas, issued its IEO for the CARR Token on January 25. CARR, an Ethereum ERC-20 utility token, is now available on LATOKEN, ExMarkets, ProBit and a growing list of other popular online crypto exchanges. 


Ownership of CARR Tokens grants access to the Carnomaly membership portal. When members buy a new or used automobile from a verified dealer, they will qualify for a CARR Token reward which can be saved within their digital wallet or sold for current market value.  


CARR Tokens are the first, but not the only, step in Carnomaly’s pursuit to bridge the gap between blockchain and the automotive industry. Other solutions include CarrChain, a comprehensive vehicle database powered by blockchain technology; CarrDefi, a peer-to-peer crypto lending solution for automotive purchases; and, an online vehicle marketplace incorporating the CARR Token rewards program, CarrChain, and CarrDefi for a unprecedented vehicle buying and selling experience.


Created by experienced automotive professionals, Carnomaly is using the limitless potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize the automotive industry. For more information about CARR Tokens or any of Carnomaly’s solutions, visit

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